Gora Fire Boomerang Staff

rope dart and levi stick

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rope dart and levi stick

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Boomerang Staff

The Boomerang Staff, also called Chain Staff, is a hybrid between a Jugglng Staff, Levi Stick and Rope Dart.

“The first time I have seen a boomerang staff was in the hands of the amazing Japanese performer Kiwamu Miyakubo. The rhythm of movement of the boomerang staff was like nothing I have seen before, Kiwamu’s stage presence and tricks were very impressive.”

The design of the Boomerang Staff is identical as that of the Fire Juggling Staff. The core tube is made of extremely durable and lightweight 15 mm x 1 mm 7075 aluminum tubing. The tube is covered with heatproof silicone to protect you from the hot metal on the two ends, and soft spongy EPDM grips for the middle grip.

The chain is attached in a offset position like for a Levi Stick, not in the center. The chain is attached with a strong swivel to support rotational movements.

total length 70 cm
weight 135 grams
solid aluminum rod 1cm
kevlar blended wick 2.2cm X 2.8cm
middle silicone tube, wire rope 48 cm long
Gora, handmade in Hungry

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