Gora Fire Top Hat

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The kevlar rope is separated from the felt hat by a thick heatproof silicone layer; the first step of the protection. ...Read More

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The kevlar rope is separated from the felt hat by a thick heatproof silicone layer; the first step of the protection.

Hat comes with spray bottle for water, lighter fluid for quick light up, and a lamp oil fuel applicator.


  It is a little complicated, these instructions must be followed for safe use. Not following instructions could result in getting burned.

First of all you have to apply the lamp oil (do not use Colman white gas) by a syringe very carefully. It needs to get only on the kevlar, not on the silicone nor on the felt. Use lamp oil as it has a lower temperature while burning. It can be even an hour before the show, because the oil doesn't evaporate. Five minutes before ignition you need to apply the water into the felt by the spay bottle which we provide. It needs to be on the felt on the top and on the side of the cylinder. There shouldn't be any drops on the kevlar, otherwise you may have problems with lighting up.
Finally 1 minute before going on stage you need to apply the ciggerette lighter fluid. It helps to ignite the lamp oil quickly. Without it you can't light up well, the lamp oil catches fire very slowly. It should be only on the kevlar, not on the silicone nor the felt, not a single drop. It shouldn't be too much or too little. If it's too little it evaporates and you cannot  ignite the lamp oil, if it is too much it burns the felt and the silicone.

The Fire Hat is designed to last for about 50-100 burns. 

However ultimately the lifetime of this (and any other) fire prop is largely determined be proper usage, careful transport as well the correct application of the correct fuels. 

 Whether you need an extreme costume or a part of a joke in your show, this is the excellent choice.

However if you have a hat act, this would be your best finale ever!

It weighs about 350g.


-Do careful preparation (use head lamp in the backstage, take your time)

-If the top of the hat gets a dent, push it back down, to keep the felt as far as possible from the fire.

-If the hat falls down, pick it up immediately!

-Never keep the hat down when it is on fire.

-Use background lighting from underneath, it helps with throwing the hat to head.

Fire Felt Top Hat
13 ounce (377 grams)
hat total 5 inches
100% wool
made in hungry

The best way to size the hat is to make a head band out of folded
paper. Tape two sheet together length wise and fold into a 2 inch
wide band. Fit this band to your head, which is tape together in a circle.
Remember a little bigger is better for juggling hat. When you have a
nice fit, cut the band, measure its length and look at the chart
below to find your closest hat size under "circumference in inches".
6 5/820 1/453X-Small
6 3/421 1/854Small
6 7/821 1/255Small
721 7/856Medium
7 1/822 1/457Medium
7 1/422 5/858Large
7 3/82359Large
7 1/223 1/260X-Large
7 5/823 7/861X-Large
7 3/424 1/462XX-Large
7 7/824 5/863XX-Large

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