Fire Fan Flower Set ( out of stock)

fire dance flower design
fire dance flower design

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fire dance flower design
fire dance flower design

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Fire Fan Flower

New lIght weight fire fan with riveted wicks ( 12 inch x 2 inch wicks). Burn time 4-5 min. Manipulation ring 3.5 inch inside diameter. Powder coated. With one interal finger rings for center spinning.

Whether you use Fire Fans for the slow, posed moves and silhouettes, faster spinning moves or poi weaves, the Poison Fan will accomodate your fire performing requirements. A beautiful spider web design is guaranteed to add that classic look to your fire routine.


Fire Fan Flower
height 14.5 inch
width 20 inch
weight 13 ounce (370 grams)
kevlar blended wick size 2 inch X 12
wire diameter (3mm)
wicks riveted
manipulation ring 3.5 inch inside diameter
black powder coated paint

Use lamp oil or white gas. Lamp oil burns at a much lower temperature.
Always shake out excess fuel before you light up.
Have adequate safety personnel and procedures in place before lighting.

by B. Young on 04/10/21

Love my new fire fans! I have been a fire eater for almost 15 years and this is my first time trying out dancing. Because of this i got the smaller set and they are really great. Very easy to spin and nice for travel. Will be getting the larger set one day!!

by Elizabeth S. on 09/17/21

Beautiful fans, nice weight and balance. Very fast shipping. Thank you!!

by Ali Loraine on 11/19/21

The fans were sent in the afternoon of the day that I ordered them! The shipper contacted me right away about a confusion with my shipping address and they arrived in a timely manner. I have not tried them with fire yet, but they are well constructed but lightweight. Overall, very happy with the fans and the service.

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