Fire Fan Star DIY Kit (out of stock)

make your own fire fan
make your own fire fan

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make your own fire fan
make your own fire fan

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Fire Fan Star, DIY (do it yourself) Kit

Save money and have fun wicking your own set of fans. The kit includes two fan frames, ten pre-cut Kevlar wicks, Kevlar thread and a curved needle. It is easy to wick the fans yourself. Though it takes sometime to do it. Simple insert the wicks through the loop and the end of the fan. Wrap the wick tightly around the loop, fold over the edge and sew. Do not do a running stitch. It is better to do several stitches, tie if off and repeat. Then if the thread did burn through, the seam would not unravel. One other sewing tip, tape the wick on the loop wiht elcetric tape, so it stays in place and tight. While sewing move the tape as you advacne your seam.

New lIght weight fire fan with riveted wicks (12.25 inch x 2 inch wicks). Burn time 4-5 min. Manipulation ring 3.5 inch inside diameter. Powder coated. With one interal finger rings for center spinning.

Whether you use Fire Fans for the slow, posed moves and silhouettes, faster spinning moves or poi weaves, the Poison Fan will accomodate your fire performing requirements. A beautiful spider web design is guaranteed to add that classic look to your fire routine.


Fire Fan Flower
height 15 inch
width 23 inch
weight 420 grams
kevlar blended wick size 2 inch X 12.25
wire diameter (3mm)
wicks riveted
manipulation ring 3.5 inch inside diameter
black powder coated paint
kit includes 2 fan frames, 10 wicks, one curved needle and thread

Use lamp oil or white gas. Lamp oil burns at a much lower temperature.
Always shake out excess fuel before you light up.
Have adequate safety personnel and procedures in place before lighting.

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