Renegade Large Solo 1/2" x 15"

big juggling rings
juggling ring size
big juggling rings
juggling ring size

Catalog Number:ManRing:SOL15

big juggling rings
juggling ring size
big juggling rings
juggling ring size

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Renegade Large Hollow Juggling Ring (1/2 x 15 inch)

Renegade Large solo rings are hollow in cross section and thicker than a flat plastic ring, making them easier on your hands. This versatile ring can be used for solo juggling, team passing, bounce passing, multi-object manipulation, foot spinning, and isolation contact juggling. You'll love the way they feel and fly—soft to catch and accurate to throw! They are a great all around juggling ring, and their hollow construction makes them ideal for teaching beginners.

This ring is 1/2 inch thick and slightly larger in diameter than the 14" solo ring. The bigger 15 inch ring (actual size: 15.25 inches) is more visible and makes the pattern look even more impressive. Because of its larger diameter it is considered an intermediate skill level ring and is slightly more difficult to juggle compared to smaller rings. However, it is not much more difficult to juggle than the 14 inch ring and it adds visibility, making it a good choice for passing.

For more help selecting the best juggling ring for you, check out our “Juggling Guide and Tips" section listed in the bottom footer of our website.

15 inch 1/2 inch thickness ring
diameter OD 15.375? (39mm) ID 12.125? (30.8mm)
thickness 0.5 inch (12.5mm)
weight 4.2 ounce (120 grams)
made from HDPE
made in USA by Renegade

by Frederick B. on 10/14/19

Great product! Good quality and well made. Will be using Renegade Juggling again!

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