Fire Jump-Rope

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Renegade jump ropes are made with 1 inch Kevlar rope which will give you more fire and durability then the commonly used 5/8 or 1/2 inch rope. The ends of our rope have stainless steel bands that make up the high strength rope loop. The grips are made of T-6 Aluminum, all the other fitting are stainless steel.  The ropes come with a t-grip for double dutch and a pipe grip for solo jumping.

The stock size (total length from the ends of the grips) for the solo rope is 8 foot 9.5 inches which is good for a person from about 5ft 7in to 5 ft 11in. tall. The double dutch rope is 13 feet long and good for people up to 6 feet tall.

You can custom order any length, handle grip or rope diameter to suit your needs, e-mail to place a special order. (no special orders from July 12-29)

fire jump rope
1 inch (25mm) kevlar rope
aluminum, tube grip or t-grip handle
stainless steel banned
stainless steel shackles and swivels
made in USA by Renegade Juggling

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