Small six panel PU beanbag color/white (68mm, 130 grams)

juggling ball

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juggling ball

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Small Color/White PU Beanbag Juggling Ball (68mm, six panel)

This ball is made with an inner bag filled with millet, and an outer PU shell. We love this ball for its bright fluorescent colors! This colorful beanbag comes in a small size only (68 mm diameter, 130 grams, comparable to the size of a tennis ball).

Additional Information

These are the most common juggling balls, and are made of a PU coated cloth and filled with bird seed. The beanbag ball (though never actually made with beans) is great for juggling because the ball will not roll when dropped, nor will it bounce off another ball if there is a mid-air collision. This ball is the softest type of juggling ball, with a very squishy feel. There is a wide variety of juggling balls that look essentially the same as this ball. The difference between these various beanbags is the quality of fabric and thread, how well they are sewn together, and the precision of the beanbag weights. Juggling balls made in China tend to be of very low quality, which we do not sell. Our vinyl beanbag juggling balls comes in 5 different sizes. To see more vinyl beanbag options, follow this link:

For more help selecting the correctly sized juggling ball, check out our "Juggling Guide and Tips" section listed in the bottom footer of the website home page.


PU Coated Cloth
diameter 2.6" (68mm)
weight 4.6 ounces (127 grams)
filled with millet
fabric made in Japan
ball sewn in Pakistan

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