12 Panel Smooth Leather Ball (70mm, 135 grams)

Catalog Number:Bbags:SUE12S

The 12 panel balls comes in two types, smooth ...Read More

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The 12 panel balls comes in two types, smooth leather, top grain, or suede split leather. This ball is super durable and will outlast most fabric or coated fabric balls. The 12 panel soccer balls design make for a very round and even ball. The balls are

firm when new but get softer after use. The suede ball will get softer than the smooth leather ball, but both will get much softer than when new.

This is one of our oldest (made since1985) and best selling juggling ball. The 12 panel ball is  slightly larger than the eight panel ball, and is a good all around juggling ball for 3 to 5 ball juggling. This ball is too large fro children and is better suited for juggler 5 foot or more in height (in general, the taller you are the bigger your hands)

The smooth leather finish 12 panel balls, can easily be cleaned and is very durable. The leather colors are bright and well sewn with plastic pellet filling. The filing make this ball bit lighter (136 grams) vs. (146 grams) the suede ball which is filled with bird seed 

The suede 12 panel balls is super soft leather. This ball is filled with bird seed, which increases its softness (over plastic pellets) The grip of the suede ball is preferred by some juggler, though it is harder to clean than a top grain smooth leather ball. The leather colors of the suede is more muted compared to the smooth leather ball.

12 panels top grain smooth leather
weight 4.8 oz (136 grams)
diameter 2.6" (68mm)
filled with plastic beads
handmade in Pakistan

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