Gandini Project, Ball Juggling, EJC 1991

Gatto form Vaudeville Acro-cats to the king of juggling

Gentian (sp?) and Eda Dori (sp?) clubs and scarves, EJC 2002

gerris Universal Hand Balance Platform

Gregory, Juggling Three Clubs, EJC 2002

Guy Heathecot, shaker cups, 1998

Haggis McLeod, Hawaii, 2011

Handsome Little Devils, hat juggling, 2005

Hawaiian Juggling festival Video, 2005

Ian Marchant, hat juggling, EJC 2002

Iman Lizarazu Performance Promo

Iman Lizarazu Promo Video

Iman Lizarazu, ring juggling, Portland OR 1999

Iman Lizarazu, three ball juggling, Austin 1998

Jamie Fletcher, Three Ball Juggling, EJC 2003

Japanese Performer, diabolo, 2005

Jay Gilligan, clubs rings and balls 2004

Jay Gilligan, clubs, balls and rings, IJA, 2004

Jay Gilligan, five ball juggling, Renegade IJA 2004

Jay Gilligan, ring juggling, EJC 2003