Swinging and Flying Pole

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Swinging or Flying Pole

The Swinging or Flying Pole UltraGrip2 is a flying pole (suspended pole) for pole dance presenting innovative features.

The Swinging Pole UltraGrip2 consists of:

  • two 150-cm long bars
  • one central junction to pass through the support ropes
  • two terminal parts for the upper and lower extremes, all made of anodized aluminium.

The pole is equipped with a double pass-through rope that guarantees a maximum security. By adding a supplementary base (see Whirlpole Kit for Swinging Pole UltraGrip2) this flying pole can be easily transformed into a Whirlpole TheBase UltraGrip2. This 45-mm thick flying pole is entirely covered with the UltraGrip2 coating - a special natural rubber finish, much more resistant than the commonly used silicone or neoprene. Its implementation allows a comfortable and easy use of the flying pole while wearing stage costumes and guarantees an excellent grip in any position. UltraGrip2 is light grey, 3-mm thick material, which appears soft to touch. Please be aware that the UltraGrip2 pole is designed to be used by only one person at a time.

Being a flying pole, Swinging Pole UltraGrip2 needs to be fixed to the ceiling with a special support rope (see Albatros) The Swinging Pole UltraGrip2 dynamics is conditioned by the length of the rope. The higher is the ceiling, the more harmonious and slow the movement will result. If the height of your ceiling is smaller, the oscillation will appear more frequent. Chosen by the best performers worldwide, thanks to its characteristics and the best components used, our Swinging Pole UltraGrip2 is undoubtedly the most solid and long-lasting product of its kind.

Swinging Pole UltraGrip2 boasts a considerably superior grip than any other dance pole can offer. Invincible when you use stage costumes or pole dance apparel, this flying pole guarantees an extraordinary grip in any conditions. The very special thick rubber coating of this flying pole guarantees superb adhesion to fabrics, remaining at the same time soft to touch for your hands, arms and legs. The UltraGrip2 special manufacturing process guarantees the coatings durability and reliability incomparable to other similar dance pole finishes.

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