Renegade Flathead Club

juggling pin
flathead club
Laura Safargalina and the Boys
Stanislav and Gulya Knyazkov
juggling pin
flathead club
Laura Safargalina and the Boys
Stanislav and Gulya Knyazkov

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juggling pin
flathead club
Laura Safargalina and the Boys
Stanislav and Gulya Knyazkov
juggling pin
flathead club
Laura Safargalina and the Boys
Stanislav and Gulya Knyazkov

Renegade Flathead Club The Flathead club was designed in 2009 in an epic collaboration between Renegade and Stanislav Knyazkov, a Russian club passer. The main attribute of this ...Read More

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Renegade Flathead Club

The Flathead club was designed in 2009 in an epic collaboration between Renegade and Stanislav Knyazkov, a Russian club passer. The main attribute of this club is that it can be placed on a table standing with the knob up, and then kicked to a juggler. This is the final trick of the difficult table-kicking routine by Gulya Knyazkov. The Flathead is constructed in the same fashion as the 95mm and 105mm clubs, using an identical maple dowel, handle, knob and shell weight. However, the club body is modified—the top (cap) end of the body is cut shorter. Other than shell shape, this club juggles identically to a short handled (19 inch) 95mm club.

Advanced jugglers can easily handle these clubs in all types of juggling patterns, from five club solo work to nine club passing. Some unique tricks are only possible with this oddly shaped Flathead club. Floor tumbling and juggling is also a real possibility. If you are searching for a new, inspiring club with the potential for many never-before-seen tricks, the Flathead club is a good bet. It is generally only made with a white body and short handle length, however you can make a special order if you would like some more options. Email: [email protected]

To help you select a Renegade Juggling Club, look under our Juggling Guide and Tips section listed in the bottom footer of our website for How to Choose a Juggling Club.

Flathead Club Specifications
19" Length (48.3 cm)
3/4 inch (19 mm) soft maple dowel club weight 225- 240 grams
Handle wrap un-taped 0.30 inch(7.6mm) HDPE
Knob and Cap rubber
Shell (club body) 3.75 inch ( 95mm ) Hard body LLDPE Shell colors, white, other color special order
Club are hand made in Santa Cruz CA, all parts made in USA

If you want a lighter club order the dowel size in 3/4 diameter.
The club weight is determined by the weight of the dowel.
Each dowel is weighed and matched to make a set of clubs.
Buy selecting lighter wood we change the total weight of the club.
Avoiding Equipment Damage

Drops and Surfaces

Lightweight materials have revolutionized the
art of club juggling, but the clubs do have a limited
life span. The materials used to make clubs will
eventually break or wear-out with use. A juggling
club can only survive a finite number of drops.
If you are juggling on surfaces like cement,
cobblestone, asphalt, or wood flooring, this can be
very hard on your clubs. When the club hits these
hard surfaces, the plastic and wood dowel has to
absorb the impact of the drop. Softer surfaces like
carpet, tumbling mats, or grass (better yet, catching
the club) will absorb more of the impact of the drop
and greatly increase the life of the club.
The higher you throw the clubs in the air or the
more force you put in the drop, (fast spins, or
bouncing the club off the floor) the more stress you
put on the club when it hits the ground. So if you
are going to be practicing new tricks or learning
difficult patterns involving high throws or lots of
drops your clubs will last much longer if you
practice on a soft surface.

Practicing Methods

In general, when practicing or learning club
juggling it is best to train using a controlled
method. If you are attempting a new trick, progressively
add the number of throws, and finish by
catching all the clubs. So for example if you are
trying to learn a new three-club trick, attempt one
throw, and then finish by catching all the clubs (or
as many as possible). Slowly over several days (or
weeks) increase the number of throws, but always
finishing the trick by catching all of the clubs. If
you cannot finish the trick by catching all the clubs
you need to reduce the number of throws. This will
greatly increase the life span of the club, improve
the time it takes to learn new tricks, and greatly
reduce the number of drops while juggling or

Cold Temperatures

The plastic used in making the body of your
clubs is strongest at room temperature. If your clubs
are very cold, the strength of the plastic is greatly
reduced. Clubs that are very cold or frozen can
crack when dropped. Ice-skating or snow ski juggling
can cause the club bodies to break. It is always
best to let your clubs warm-up if you are taking
them out of a cold car trunk or unheated storage
before using them.

Ultraviolet Light

Renegade clubs have ultraviolet light inhibitors,
(sunscreen) in the plastic so they can be used
outdoors. High levels of exposure to ultraviolet light
will cause the colors of the clubs to fade and the
plastic to crack over time so always store your clubs
out of the sun when not in use.


You should not juggle your clubs in swimming
pools, rain or on very wet surfaces. The dowel that
is inside the club will absorb water and make the
club very heavy. Try and avoid any wet surfaces or
storing the clubs in very humid conditions in order
to keep the clubs original weight.

Abrasive Surfaces

Rough surfaces, gravel, dirt, asphalt, lava, or
cobblestone are very hard on the plastic, decorations
and rubber ends of the club. These surfaces will
make scratches in the plastic and tear the decorations
on the clubs. It is best of avoid juggling on
these types of surfaces if you want you keep you
clubs in a new looking condition.

Cleaning and Repairs


The best way to clean the surface of the club is
with a damp towel. If there is tape residue, grease or
dirt that will not come off with water, use denatured
alcohol or a very mild soap to clean with. Always
take care not to submerse the club in water or get
water inside or the club body or handle.

Club Care and Maintenance

To clean a deeply scratched and dirty surface where the
plastic has been hitting the ground you can clean it
with bathroom scouring powder, although this can
dull the colored plastic bodies. Do not use this to
clean the decorations. You can also pressure wash
the plastic surface, this does the best job of removing
imbedded dirt, but you need to be careful not to
get water inside the club or handle.

Decoration and Handle Tape Repairs

All decorations, Mylar, holograms, trim tape
and handle tape have a limited life span. Drops on
abrasive surfaces, fingernail cuts, and transportation
of your clubs can cause tears or abrasions. Take care
that during transportation that the clubs are not in
contact with other sharp or abrasive objects. Decoration
and trim tape will need to be replaced after a
period of normal use.
If you have a decoration tear, the best shortterm
solution is to cover the tear with clear plastic
tape, (packing tape), to prevent further damage.
Handle tape should be periodically replaced, as
fingernail nicks and adhesive loss with cause the
handle tape to slip out of position. The handle tape
adhesive will become sticky if the club is used in
very hot climate and should be replaced more often
if this is the case. When replacing handle tape
remove any left over adhesive with denatured
alcohol before replacing with new tape. Always start
wrapping the clubs from the knob end, and tape the
handle towards the center of the club. Decoration,
repair parts, trim tape and handle tape can be purchased
though our website.

Rubber Knobs and End Caps

Renegade clubs have all rubber parts glued
onto the clubs without the use of screws. This is to
prevent any injury while juggling. Overtime with
many drops the rubber parts can come loose and
will need to be reglued. The best product to use is
Barge Cement, (contact cement) that can be purchased
at any hardware store, shoe-repair store, or
though our website.
To replace a knob or end cap, paint the cavity
and other surface with cement. Let this dry for five
minuets. Re-coat the dowel or plastic shell with a
small amount of cement and firmly side on the
rubber part. This should then be allowed to dry
overnight. If necessary use vinyl tape to hold the
knob or cap in place while it dries. If the knob is
severely worn or broken though at the end a new
knob maybe needed. You can order new knobs
though our website.

Club Body Cracks

Juggling in cold weather or lots of drops on
hard surfaces the causes of club body cracks. The
club body is made of polyethylene and cannot be
glued. A body crack is not repairable, however, you
can cover the crack with clear packing tape as a
temporary repair. Clubs with broken or cracked
bodies can be sent to Renegade Juggling to change
the plastic body for a repair charge. If the club is in
an otherwise worn condition we recommend purchasing
a replacement rather than replacing the
body as the dowel in the club often has been subject
to lots of drop stresses and may not hold up for
much longer.

Broken Dowels

A club with a broken dowel it is not repairable
by the juggler, If the club is less than one year old, or has not had much
use, it can be replaced under the Renegade Juggling for free

by Michael D. on 11/27/20

AMAZING INDOOR CLUB! been juggling 20+ years and only had regular length clubs. They're OK but the knobs catch my lose clothing a lot and tripple spins can be challenging below ceilings and fans! These shorter clubs took zero time to adjust to. I can easily juggle them much lower and can keep my hands closer to my body without the knobs hitting. Excellent design and I'm hooked on this shorter length for solo indoor work. Longer handles still better for passing of course. If you can juggle at all don't worry about the description that it's for kids remember it also says for juggling fast but ALSO lower. 5 stars. Have another short set of cluns on order from Renegade right now ..shipped 45 minutes from ordering today!!

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