Radfactor Glitter Russian ball 72mm

glittery juggling ball
sizes of russian juggling balls
glittery juggling ball
sizes of russian juggling balls

Catalog Number:RFB72mm

glittery juggling ball
sizes of russian juggling balls
glittery juggling ball
sizes of russian juggling balls

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Radfactor Glitter Russian Juggling Ball (72 mm)

This thin-shelled Glitter Radfactor Russian ball is the same as the Premium Radfactor Russian ball, just with the addition of glitter to the plastic. This is the best quality Russian ball on the market for jugglers looking for a full Russian effect. The very light shell is coupled with a sand filling to give the ball a pronounced Russian effect on the catch. The sand quickly goes to the bottom of the ball when caught, which causes a pronounced Russian effect. The lighter the shell weight in comparison to the filling weight the more effect you get. In general this type of ball is mostly used for numbers juggling, but has become much more popular for all types of toss juggling.

The partially-filled style of juggling ball is called a Russian ball because Russian jugglers were the first to use this type of ball in modern times (since around 1990). However, the concept of a partially filled ball can be traced back to the 19th century. One disadvantage of this type of light weight Russian ball is that it is easily affected by wind, making it difficult to juggle with outdoors. The ball shell is soft, but not too soft or thin to be affected by altitude or heat changes (some very light shelled Russian balls will become dented if you fly with them.) The texture of the ball is very smooth, not sticky but also not slippery, perfect for multi-ball releases from one hand. The ball is made with a plug flush to its surface, giving the entire ball an even texture and feel with no exposed/raised plug. Balls come in precise matched weights.

This Glitter Radfactor Russian ball comes in a 72 mm size in multiple colors. Colors include silver, red, green, aqua, gold, and purple. You can select all one color, or select “mixed” and we will send you a variety of colors.

  • 72 mm (2.83 inch), 95 grams: This is an uncommon sized ball that was made popular in Japan, where jugglers are very specific about sizing and tend to have relatively smaller hands. While it does not seem like this size would feel different than 70 mm, jugglers can really feel the sizing difference when holding 3 in one hand. Some jugglers feel that the 70 mm ball is too small and the 75 mm too large for their hands, and much prefer this in-between size of 72 mm.

For more help selecting the correctly sized juggling ball, check out our “Juggling Guide and Tips" section listed in the bottom footer of our website.

diameter 72mm
weight 100 grams
made of HDPE
made in Japan

by Daniel J. on 05/25/20


by Guy M. on 03/24/21

Well made. Good look. As the product description explains, wind carries these to an unexpected degree. The ball is like a sail for the sand. The Russian effect is very pronounced and clean because of the crisp light durable weight of the plastic. Making the sand shift right, without spin or whip-over is a good training focus.

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