QX Muni 27.5 inch #rgb mountian unicycle (sold out)

mountain unicycle

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mountain unicycle

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QX #rgb Disc Muni 27,5″

#rgb stands for “red” “green” “blue” unicycle range from QU-AX.The QX #rgb Mountain unicycles are the best we developped in 15 years of unicycle experience. Individual, light, durable and technically on the latest up-to-date. The 27,5″ is for probably the most versatile Muni with discbrake-support.

  • Q-Axle hub – huge 24 mm diameter steel spindle, drilled to a maximum for minimum weight, aluminum-body
  • light QU-AX Zero Q-Axle cranks, 137 mm, anodized black
  • Shimano disc brake (Deore level) for perfect brake-feeling with only one finger, two piece 160 mm disc with aluminum rotor
  • X Eleven saddle, designed and refined by Kris Holm
  • filligrane QX-series #rgb aluminum seatclamp with double bolt clamping, laser logo #rgb, only 29g
  • wide #rgb rim, 27,5″, 6061 aluminum alloy, 5 double-wall chambers, 45 mm outer width, 38,6 mm inner width, offset-spoke holes for a better balanced wheel (less straight spokes), QX laser-logo on flange
  • 67×584 mm (27,5″x2,8″) WTB Ranger Fast Rolling
  • light black QX-series plastic pedal
  • the #rgb frames have a wide 34,9 mm steerer-tube for thin wall-thicknesses with maximum rigidity. They are made of 6061-T6 aerocraft-grade aluminum alloy. An anodized frame is lighter than a painted one, too – and finally, the threads in the frame save the weight of steel-nuts you would need otherwise. All this makes the QX #rgb frame weigh only 533g (shells 78g, screws 22g). The #rgb frame has a unicrown shape to protect your legs from any impact. #rgb Logos are lasered, the huge QX-logos are decals – definetly one of the lightest frames on the market. IS brake-socket (for 160 mm discs), cable gauges on the frame
  • tyre-clearance: height from axle-center to lower end of frame-crown: 378 mm, width at tire-height: 94 mm
  • #
  • rgb 7050 aluminum seatpost with styled, wide head, huge 31,6 mm diameter for thin wall-thickness and only 216 g in 350 mm
  • weight: approx. 5,6 kg
  • minimum inseam length for custom QX #rgb Disc Muni 27,5″: approx. 76,5 cm (with 145 mm cranks)

by A. Carlson on 07/03/20

This is the most amazing quality mountain unicycle ever. The fit and finish and the components are second to none. I am so happy with this unicycle and also with the awesome service from Renegade Juggling!!!

by C. Larson on 01/30/21

I'm giving it 5 stars because overall it is excellent. It's lightweight, very well built, looks badass and is very competitively priced. My two complaints are mostly personal preferences. I find the 137mm cranks a bit short and would prefer 150s. Also, the saddle has a very pronounced curve to it which I find can uncomfortably squeeze things compared to a flatter saddle. It does however give you more control. You can ride down a steep hill, standing up or over rough terrain with no hands and know that saddle is not going to slip out.

by Elias T. on 07/15/21

I absolutely love this unicycle. Extremely well built, looks beautiful, high-quality parts all around. It gets a 10/10 from me!

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