QU-AX Profi 20 inch unicycle chrome

20 inch unicycle

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20 inch unicycle

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Profi unicycle 20″ chrome

Freestyle, Hockey, Stage Performance ? The Profi is a high quality 20 inch unicycle.

  • Flatcrown frame with two-piece dropout, chrome
  • double-walled aluminum rim, black, 48 holes
  • ISIS-hub, red
  • multifunctional QU-AX Indoor Profi-Pedal, light
  • wide, white 58-406 mm (20″x2.25″) tire
  • light aluminum one-bolt clamp
  • seatpost 350mm, diamond knurled, (does not twist)  aluminum, Ø 25,4mm
  • light saddle with integrated handle
  • 100mm aluminum ISIS-cranks
  • minimum inseam size for Profi unicycle 20″ chrome: 65 cm
  • weight: 4,58 kgs

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