QU-AX Muni 27.5 inch unicycle

mountian unicycle

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mountian unicycle

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QU-AX Muni 27,5″ black: a versatile Muni for tours, Enduro, light downhill and longer rides off-terrain

  • Q-Axle-hub, 36 holes, hollow axle, yellow
  • light QU-AX Q-Axle cranks 145 mm, anodized in ti-grey
  • QU-AX Muni-saddle with handle
  • double-bolt aluminum seatclamp
  • QU-AX-DB-X double walled rim, aluminum, 36-holes
  • 27,5″x2,40″ Maxxis High Roller II, foldable, super tacky compound
  • flatcrown frame with Magura-sockets, steel, wide tire clearance (up to 3″ width)
  • we use to mount pretty versatile tires with a good quality/price ratio since there is an incredible choice in tires on the market and the tire-choice is a very personal one: depending on the ground you ride on, the trails you like, your personal riding style. Everybody can upgrade to their choice of tires at a given point
  • BMX aluminum pedals
  • aluminum seatpost with reinforcement gusset, Ø 25,4 mm
  • weight: 5,9 kg (with seatpost cutted)
  • minimum inseam for QU-AX Muni 27,5″ black: ca. 79 cm (with seatpost cutted)

by Kylie B. on 07/18/20

This unicycle was purchased to replace our 12-year old son's 24 inch mountain unicycle. He loves it!!!! He has gotten taller so this one is perfect. The only modification we had to make was cutting the seat post just a little. My husband also rides a mountain unicycle, and he says this one is much lighter than his and it seems to be good quality. This is our first Qu-Ax, so we will see how it goes. Also, the price was GREAT compared to other mountain unicycles we have bought in the past. We were thrilled to find this Muni on Renegade Juggling's website, and we'll definitely come back for future unicycles!!!!

by S. flores on 09/14/20

by J. Medellín Torres on 10/26/20

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