Play Handstand Blocks

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Play Hand Balance Blocks

These Hand Balance Blocks are made by Play Juggling. The blocks are precision made out of poplar wood cut by CNC and then velvet coated on two side. The block can be used in either horizontal or vertical position. The velvet coating makes for a excellent easy to grip surface. The block are 15 cm x 10cm x 5.5cm with a average weight, of 350 grams.

The handstand blocks (also called hand balance cubes) are a very nice for training or performance. They are commonly used in performance with six blocks, where each cube is removed or added one at a time. Handstand Blocks are much easier to balance on, than hand balancing on the floor. The blocks give you much much better control and grip. They also reduce the stress on your wrists, as the blocks do no require you to have as much wrist flexibility. Using handstand blocks you can practice longer with less body fatigue and reduced chances of injury.

Hand Balancing is very ancient art form. A female acrobat is depicted on a Greek hydra dated at 340-330 BC. Minoan (Crete) acrobats on the backs of bulls have been dated at 2000 BC. Acrobatics including hand stands, was also part of Chinese culture in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC- AD220) The first use of hand blocks is unknown, but surely it is a very old technique.

weight 350 grams
made from poplar wood
hand block size 15 cm x 10cm x 5.5cm (5.9 inch x 3.9 inch x 2.1 inch
velvet coated
made in Italy

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