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Aerial silks, made by the Play Juggling (Circus Division).


There are many different types of fabric used for Aerial Tissue acrobatics. The type of weave, tightness of the weave, denier (weight of the thread) and thread material all effect the fabric weight, stretch and friction characteristics.


Play Juggling has done extensive research on the optimal fabric for Aerial Silk. Their tissue is 100% Polyester, 150mm wide,  200 gr/meter, medium stretch, made with a Garland weave ( a type of Interlock). This is optimal for typical hand grip sizing, vertical stretch and the frictional grip of the fabric on your body (how slippery it is). The fabric is purchased in natural white, and then custom dyed for each color. It is machine washable in cold water and air dried (do no use a dryer) . The silk can be washed regularly without any fading of color, or loss of strength.


This Tissu was tested for both break load and repeated stretch cycles. It was tested for 50,000 stretch cycles without any strength loss. Its has a break point rating of 1915.5 daN (Deca Newton Meters) in the longitudinal direction. It is rated for aerial use with a maximum weight load of 300 Kilos (660 pound).


For all users, the height required is usually between 20 feet (6 m) and 30 feet (9 m). But many tricks that can be done on a 12-to-15-foot (3.7 to 4.6 m) length of aerial fabric, though a few types of drops require more than 30 feet, but for the most part 20 to 30 feet (6 to 9 m) is good. Remember the length of fabric you order is double this height, plus about 6-12 inches length used in making the knot and also take into account the length of your rigging. 


For beginners, it is best if the fabric comes down past the ground by several feet to allowing you to practice wraps at a lower level, where you can be easily spotted and be closer to the matt if you fall.

For intermediate users and above, it is best if the fabrics come down to the level of the ground.


As with all Aerial Gear, the fabric/hardware needs to be inspected before each use, check for frictional burns to fabric or any tears, do not use fabric unless it is in perfect condition. Aerial silk acrobatics is very dangerous and should only be used by professionals and/or taught by professionals. You must practiced with a trained spotter and use chrash matt.  You cannot safely learn aerial silk via youtube videos at home by yourself, it is very, very dangerous. A simple mistake made in a body wrap, could be FATAL!!! 

fabric weight 200 grams per square miterer /> medium stretch
garland weave, polyester
made in Italy

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