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The Aerial Hoop, also known as the Lyra, Aerial Ring,  Cerceau or Cerceaux is a steel ring resembling a hola hoop suspended from above. Artists can perform aerial acrobatics, using static, spinning, or swinging acrobatic moves. This prop was likely to be influenced by the the Horizontal Bar and Trapeze which where in use well before the advent of the aerial hoop. The first use we know about is in late 1800’s, with a performance called the “Lyric Hoop” (maybe that is how the name Lyra came about)


Aerial Hoops come in several variations, depending on what style of aerial acrobatics you want to do. Two basic types of hoops are made, solid metal and hollow tubing.  The Play Aerial Hoop is made of hollow steel tubing, which has the advantage of ease of transport, set-up, shipping costs, and offers better artistic lines for positions on the hoop, ( it does not stay so vertical )  A solid steel hoops only unique quality is that once is gets spinning it will spin longer, which in itself in not enough of a benefit over a hollow hoop construction.


A Aerial Hoop is generally set up using two types of rigging connections, centered or double.   The number of connection points on an aerial hoop has will depend on how it will be used, the intended effect, and the performer's comfortability level. Double tabs prevent the hoop from spinnig so it has a trapeze-like swing. A single tab swing along more than one axis, like a dance trapeze.  The Play hoop is constructed with carabiners to connect the rigging to, rather than welded tabs, this a big advantage as the hoop can be set up as either a centered tab or a double (trapeze like) tabs. This method using carabiners rather than welded tabs also makes it much easier to do safety inspections of the connection point(s) and it gives the hoop more range of motion for the double connection style hoop.


The sizing of the Lyra you need, comes down to individual flexibility, personal preference and what you are conformable with. But in general, if you want to sit inside the Aerial Ring like a chair, the top of the hoop should be one inch above your head. This is best way to select a size if you do no know what to get, and are not sure what type of acrobatics you end up doing. The hoop should be proportional to your body size, taller people need larger hoops, though there a no fixed rules and people with the same hight ,can have different torso lengths.  


The Play Aerial Hoop is high quality, made with seamless tempered steel tubing and powder coated black paint.  All connectors both single and double are made of stainless steel. The hoop has a weight rating of 250lbs.


hoop weight
hollow steel tubing powder coated black
made in Italy

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