Pixel Poi/Staff 92 (new 2019)

poi staff glow
poi staff glow

Catalog Number:GLOW:LT92

poi staff glow
poi staff glow

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The LighTrix pixel module is the most advanced pixel product on the market. It is made for professional users, who want to make custom lighting or images that are synchronized to their music sound track. These images can be displayed when spinning the modules, either as poi or as a staff. 


Using the composer software package, you can add images to the pixel poi /staff linked to the sound track, very similar to iMovie software. You can load any type of digital image. The number of pixels, determine the resolution of the image. The 144 pixel model ( light element is 16 5/8 inch long)  has twice the resolution as the 92 pixel model (light element is 10 1/8 inch inches long). Both models are adequate for professional use, though if your budget allows the 128 pixel model has a superior look.


This customized program of images link to the sound track is stored on the memory chip inside the pixel hardware. The remote control via wifi activates the lighting program in the pixel module. With 265 MB memory, you can store several hours of routins. 


LighTix Pixel Module 92

128 RGB LED per module -  92 pixels per module

256 MB onboard memory

Fully programmable - LighTrix Composer software to import bmp, jpg, gif  pictures.

Attachment to convert modules to a staff has a total lenght of 49 inches

USB port to transfer data

Wireless wifi remote

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

AC 100-250V charger included

Durable polycarbonate body

Length 48 cm including strap, diameter 2.6 cm

Weight 195g


staff extension, poi handles, cables, remote, charger blocks and carrying bag included



pixel poi/staff
diameter 2.6 cm
weight 195 grams
length 15 inches including handle
length of light element 10 1/8 inches
converted to staff total length is 54 1/2 inches

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