Hand Balance Cane and Socket Kit

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Play Juggling (Circus Division) Hand Balance Kit. 


The hand blocks are made of solid beach wood and provide a solid gripping surface for your hands. The block measure 13 cm x 10 cm and are 3 cm thick. Each block has a hard anodized

socket with a set screw to fix the cane, so there is no block rotation.


The canes are made of stainless steel with a tapered end, that fits into the cane sockets. This kit

allows you to easily make you own hand balance stand to meet your particular performance needs.


Hand Balancing is very ancient art form. A female acrobat is depicted on a Greek hydra dated at 340-330 BC. Minoan (Crete) acrobats on the backs of bulls have been dated at 2000 BC. Acrobatics including hand stands, was also part of Chinese culture in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD220) The first use of hand balance canes is unknown, but surely it is a very old technique

weight of full kit all parts, 5 pounds
hand block size 13 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm
cane length 55cm
canes are made from stainless steel
cane diameter 18mm
made in Italy

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