Hand Balance Bearing Block (spinning cane)

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Light metal socket designed to fit our 18 mm...Read More

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Light metal socket designed to fit our 18 mm diameter posts. High precision CNC machined. The hand blocks are made of solid beach wood and provide a solid gripping surface for your hands. The block measure 13 cm x 10 cm and are 3 cm thick. Allen key 4mm included. The bearing rotates in one direction to the right.


The bearing/flange cannot be removed from the cane, for this sysem to work the cane press fit onto the bearing. You can unscrew the flange from the block to change blocks, but the flange/bearing is fixed to the cane.

weight 500 grams
made from poplar wood
hand block size 13 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm thick.
made in Italy

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