Has my order been shipped?

 If you have a profile with our webstore, login to your account and under order status it will be marked as pending, processing, back order or complete. A pending order is in the process of being shipped. A processing status is a order that us being made, like juggling clubs. Back Order indicates that one or more items are not in stock. Complete indicates that the order has been shipped. A shipping notice will come to the e-mail address you have provided. Make sure to look in your junk folder sometimes the shipping notice is there.

My Paypal account shipping information is wrong?

The web site does not take shipping information from PayPal, all the shipping data comes from what you have enter on the web site during check out. Yoiu do not need to notify us of htis error, as long as you enter the corrrect infromation during the checkout process on our web site.

 My order status is Back Order, What now? 

 You will be contacted by e-mail or phone, with what product is out of stock. In most cases a out of stock item is noted on the product page and you cannot order them. But sometimes products are sold out before we change the web page.

 My product is broken what do I do.

Go to the returns button on the header and footer of the website and follow the instructions.

My tacking number is not correct.

International tracking numbers are recycled and may report the old data, before the new data is in the system. Check the number in 2-3 days after your order is marked as complete.USPS priority mail tacking is not that good, sometimes the tracking is not scanned on the first day check back in one or two days.

I want over-night  or express shipping

 Place the order and put in the customer notes section you want express shipment. Then call our office 831 426-7343 and we can give you quote and adjust your invoice before the card is run.

I want to come by your shop and buy some products.

 We are open for customers to come by our shop to purchase anything that is on the website. Call before you come over to make sure we are in (831) 426-7343

My order show shipping as Unspecified $0.00

There is a problem with your order, either the item is not normally shipped to your destination, orthere is a website error on the shipping methods. Contact our office to have the shipping corrected. (831) 426-7343

The product page does not have a add to cart button

The product is out of stock, we do not allow orders to be placed for out of stock items.