Glow Ball K-8 MKM

Glow Ball K-8 MKM
Glow Ball K-8 MKM
USB wall charger

Catalog Number:GLOW:K8M

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65mm fade

65mm red

65mm green (6 IN STOCK)

65mm blue

65mm white

70mm blue (3 IN STOCK)


3 balls, 3 plug charger


5 balls, 5 plug charger


one 3 plug charger


one 5 plug charge


one ball




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The MKM is a professional LED juggling ball with a simplified one color rechargeable lighting system.

You need to order a charger to use these balls: a USB power plug that works with a computer. You do not need a remote with this type of ball. Just charge it and then remove the mini jack plug and the ball goes on.

This is a nice product for performers who do lots of walk-around juggling and need a rechargeable super durable light up ball. This ball ends up being cheaper than battery operated balls, but is not nearly as costly as the K8 RGB-IR ball. It comes in a 65 mm and 70 mm, sizes in 4 colors, red, green blue and fade.


The fade ball slowly changes colors about 10 seconds per color, going through a multi-colored sequence. The whole ball doesn't have one color. It is multi-colored, one side of the ball one color and other another, as it changes.



65mm, size, 120 grams weight