Glow Ball K-8 iBall RGB-IR

Glow Ball K-8 iBall RGB-IR
Glow Ball K8 70mm and 65mm
Glow Ball K8 70mm and 65mm
Glow Ball K-8 iBall RGB-IR
Glow Ball K-8 iBall RGB-IR Remote
Glow Ball K-8 iBall Charger cable
Glow Ball K8 70mm and 65mm

Catalog Number:GLOW:K8B

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3 balls, 3 plug charger, and IR remote


5 balls, 5 plug charger and IR remote


one ball (no remote or charger)


one 3 plug charger


one 5 plug charger


one IR remote




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The iBall RGB-IR is a professional LED juggling ball with an electronic system that emits different colors and programmable effects. The ball is programmable by using a remote control that sends an infrared (IR) signal and also by using a mini-plug.

You need to order a charger to use these balls, a USB power plug that works with a computer. You do not need a remote, but it is much better with one, otherwise it is very hard to change the programs with the mini plug.

The new remote control system works at up to 3 meters, which facilitates the use of the glow range products. Also, each button is a direct access to each one of the programmed effects, which expands its creative possibilities as well as allowing the exact synchronicity of the effects in the props. Another novelty of the Prophecy RGB is that its system is made of the latest generation LEDs. Its electronic system has Li-Polymer batteries that can be recharged with a wall charger (USB). The charging time of the glow ball is two to eight hours. The new RGB-IR system works with the same charger as the rest of the glow range products.

IR TIMER: In order to save energy, the IR receptor can stay for two hours in Standby mode, which can be renewed by putting in the plug.

Program Settings

1. Green
2. Red
3. Blue
4. Yellow
5. Cyan
6. Magenta
7. White
8. Fade
9. Auto accelerate
10. Blink RGB
11. Blink RGBCMYK
12. Blink RGBW
13. Blink GB
14. Blink RG
15. Demo


How to use the glow clubs with remote control
1) plug into the computer via USP plug to charge, 8 hours
2) take off charger and put in miniplug ( till you want to use them)
3) take out miniplug and turn on ball with remote, juggle
4) turn off the ball when done juggling with remote
5) put in miniplug till the next time you use them

If you just turn the ball off with the remote and do not put in the miniplug after 2 hours you need to reset the receiver by putting in a miniplug!!!!!! It will seem like the remote is broken, but no, just put in the miniplug and it will reset the RF receiver inside of the club.