Juggling Balls

> Vinyl beanbag in six sizes
> MMX filled stage balls, soft like a beanbag, with a waterproof shell
> Russian balls, partially filled stage balls for toss juggling and contact juggling
> Sil-x balls, in four sizes
> Stage ball, hollow PVC ball in thirteen sizes
> Leather balls, in four through fourteen panel designs
> Fire balls and LED balls

juggling clubs

> Renegade juggling clubs, 75mm, 85mm, 105 mm, Fathead, Black and Whites
> Play juggling clubs, Px3 Sirius, Px3 Quantum, Px3 Chubby, Prima
> Renegadedesinglab (RdL) clubs, Cuphead, Fathead, Holy club
> LED juggling clubs
> K8 RGB remote control glow clubs

contact juggling and isolation

> Clear Acrylic balls in eight sizes
> Colored Acrylic balls in ten colors
> Sil-x balls, partially filled with liquid silicone
> Fire contact balls
> LED contact balls, hollow and filled
> Stage balls for contact
> 8 Rings, for isolation contact
> Russian balls for isolation contact
> Isolation hoops and sticks

glow props LED

> LED jugging clubs, remote controlled or soild-state
> LED juggling ring in 10 colors
> LED poi, podpoi and glow poi
> LED contact balls, in four styles and 10 colors
> LED staff, s-staff and C4 staff
> LED diabolo lights for Sundia and Tiabolo

fire wick

> Kevlar flat wick
> Kevlar rope wick
> Kevlar twisted cord
> Kevlar yarn
> Kevlar thread and fire diabolo string
> Kevlar poi head assembles
> Kevlar adhesive backed flat wick
> Kevlar fire hoop wick heads

Circus Props, walking globes, stilts, rola bola, clown noses, whips

>Walking globes in 24, 30 and 48 inch diameter sizes
> Slack Lines
> Rola bola, stacked rola bola boards
> Stilts, children and adult sizes
> Rolling Stage hoop, vintage rolling hoops
> Skywiters, with twenty five foot ribbon
> Rolling Hoops, a vintage stage prop recreated
> Whips

fire props

> Fire poi, and meteors with five wick head choices
> Fire staff, Gora and Renegade
> Fire swinging torches, Renegade
> Fire juggling clubs, Renegade
> Fire rings, for toss juggling or fire Frisbee
> Fire Balls in three sizes
> Fire jump ropes, single or double dutch
> Fire fans, made in five different styles > Fire hoop and hoop wick heads

Juggling Rings, Flat, Hollow, 8 Rings

> Renegade hollow juggling ringe, passing, solo and stage sizes
> Flat rings by Renegade, Play Juggling, Babashe
> Renegadesignlab (RdL) 8 rings, leg spinning rings and specialty rings.
> LED, glow rings
> Isolation rings (RdL)
> Color change rings
> Body rolling rings


>Tiabolo diabolos, glary, lightweight, Super V2
> Sundia diabolos, with fixed or triple bearings
> Comet teaching diabolo by Play Juggling
> Fire diabolos
> Diabolo hand sticks, carbon fiber, metal, wood and fiberglass
> Babache Halequin and Finesse
> LED light kits for diabolo
> Henrys Circus and Vision diabolo
> Diabolo string, Deos, Henrys and Renegade

juggling hats

> Mexican Flying hats
> Top hats both in double and single felt
> Cholita (RdL) manipulation hats, cylinder, poll, derby, porkpie

mouth sticks, shaker cups, spinning plates/bowls, cigar boxes

> Spinning plates, are made of soft plastic and come with hand sticks
> Mouth Sticks, are made for both ball balancing and plate spinning
> Plastic shaker cup by Babache
> Cigar boxes, blanks to make your own boxes for stacking or box juggling

Juggling Torches

> Renegade Juggling torches for solo or passing
> Renegade Swinging torches
> Replacement wicks


> Perfect hoop by Play Juggling, HDPE hoops
> Body hoops for exercising
> Fire hoops and fire hoop wick heads
> Hoop instructional videos
> Hand fire hoop by Blaze
> Removable fire hoop wick heads

poi and meteors

> Contact poi in both 80mm and 100mm sizes
> Fire poi both chains and cable
> Poi wick heads, cathedral and monkey fists
> Meteors, fire and practice
> Poi swivels, grips and other parts
> Flag pio, with detachable tails
> LED glow poi

Instructional props scarves, rings, balls, clubs, plates, diabolos

> Bulk pricing for teaching props
> One-Piece instructional juggling clubs
> Comet teaching diabolo
> Instructional vinyl bean bags
> Juggling scarves
> Flat rings by Play Juggling
> Low cost flower sticks

flower sticks and devil sticks

> Flower sticks by Luna and Play Juggling
> Devil stick with holographic decorations
> Silicon hand sticks with fiberglass core
> Fire devil sticks
> DVD flower stick instructions

QU-AX unicycles and parts

> QU-AX Unicycle designed in Germany
> LUXUS 20 inch beginner unicycle
> PROFI high quality unicycles
> QX-Q MUNI 24, 27.5, 29, 36 inch wheel


>Sunrise Kendamas
>competition certified
>high quality beach wood
>chip resistant paint
>develop great hand eye coordination

Tuban Soap Bubbles and Wands

> Tuban Soap Solution
>Tuban Wands

DVD festivals

> Selection of Festival and Convention Videos
> All filmed and Produced by Alan Plotkin

DVD Instructional

> Instructional DVD for Diabolos
> A complete selection of fire manipulation DVD
> Flow arts DVD
> Ball, club and hat juggling DVD

DVD performers

> Water on Mars, Synthetic, and The Third
> Anthony Gatto To be the Best III
> Rare perfromer DVDs
> History video on the Flying Karamazov Brothers
> Gatto, a historical overview

flair bartending

> Flair Bartending DVDS
> Bar Magic, twenty-five easy to learn tricks
> Flair practice bottles and shaker tins


> Juggling book
> Short juggling instructional pamphlets
> Virtuosos of Juggling, and history of juggling performance

Welcome to Renegade Juggling

Renegade Juggling founded in 1981, is one of the oldest manufacture of juggling and fire equipment. Renegade has the most complete selection of juggling clubs on the market: fat heads, flat head, 105mm, 95mm, 85mm, 75mm, Srius Px3, Vegas Px3, Cubbies, Quantum Px3, Cup heads, Holy Clubs, Spotlights and Prima.

Renegade has a complete selection of juggling props, hats, fire torches, juggling rings, juggling balls, shaker cups, spinning plates and diabolos. We also specalize in contact juggling and hat manipulation to offering the best props available. 

Renegade now has a complete line of fire dance and fire performance equipment. Fire poi, fire staff, fire fans, fire jump-ropes, fire hoops and other flow arts props.