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Juggling Clubs

Juggling Clubs

Renegade juggling clubs, K8 Glow Clubs, Px3 Sirius, Px3 Vegas, Fatheads and Px3 Cubby

Juggling Balls


vinyl balls, leather bean bags, sli-x, stage balls & bounce ball.

Contact Juggling


Contact juggling balls, acylic balls, sil-x, stage balls, russian balls and LED contact props.

Glow Props (LED)

Glow Props (LED)

LED programable juggling props, rings, staffs, hoops, balls and clubs.



Koxx-One, Impact, Kris Holm and Sun Unicycles for trial, flatland and mountain unicycle riding.

Kevlar Fire Wick

Fire Wick

Renegade Kevlar wick, rope, and string comes in a wide range of sizes and types, by the foot or by the roll.

Walking Globe, Stilts. Rola-Bola, Slacklines

Walking Globes

Walking Globes come in 24", 30" and 48" inch diameter, stilts come in three sizes as well

Fire Props


Fire juggling, fire dance, fire fans, fire staff, fire balls, fire hoops, hand lamps and other fire props

Juggling Rings

Juggling Rings

Renegade Juggling rings, Mr Babache holograhic rings, numbers juggling rings in all sizes



Henrys Circus diabolos, Sundia, Finese, Renegade, and Mr Babache diabolos

Juggling Hats

Juggling Hats

Handmade Poll Hats, Top Hats, Flying Hats, all kinds of juggling hats that come in seven styles.

Fire Torches


Fire juggling, Fire Torhces, Dance Torches, fire swinging torches, and replacement fire wick.

Hula Hoop


Hula hoops, LED illuminated hoops, fire hoop and hand hoops

Fire Poi, Contact Poi and Flag Poi


All the poi spinning props, flag poi, glow poi. fire poi, contact poi and practice poi

Bartender Flair


Flair supplies and video for the working bartender

Shaker Cups


Shaker cups made of plastic or metal

Flower Sticks


Luna Flower sticks, jester, master and professional models

Devil Sticks


Birch devil stick, with slicone handstick, and custom holographic decorations



Meteor spinning is like a combination of poi and staff.

Spinning Plates, Bowls & Mouthsticks


Spinning plates, spinning bowls and mouthsticks 

Skywriter Gymnastic Ribbon and Pole


A gigantic, 35 foot long rhythm gymnastics ribbon flown with a 15 foot telescoping pole.

Instructional Juggling Props


Bulk priced juggling props for teachers and circus schools

Clown Noses


Clown noses, three sizes and 10 colors



Books on juggling, diabolo, fire performance, poi spinning and other juggling equipment

Performance DVDs


Anothny Gatto, Flying Karamazov Brothers and other Jugglers

Festival DVDs


European Juggling Convention, British Juggling Covention and the IJA.

Instructional DVDs


Instruction for ball juggling, contact juggling, hula hooping, club juggling and many more.

Video Libarary 


Performer Videos, from the Renegade Libarary of Historical Performances. (free viewing)

Welcome to Renegade Juggling

Anthony Gatto
Anthony Gatto - 5-club world record holder. 45 minutes IJA-Baltimore 1989 using 95mm clubs... Another satisfied Renegade customer

Renegade Juggling founded in 1981, is one of the oldest manufacture of juggling and fire equipment. The Renegade 95mm juggling club is the standard of the juggling industry. Renegade Juggling, manufactures all of our juggling props to the jugglers specifications. Renegade has the most complete selection of juggling clubs on the market: fat heads, flat head, 105mm, 95mm, 85mm, 75mm, Srius Px3, Vegas Px3, Cubbies, Quantum Px3, Cup heads, Holy Clubs, Spotlights and Prima. All juggling clubs can be customized to your specifications.

Renegade has a complete selection of juggling props, hats, fire torches, juggling rings, juggling balls, shaker cups, spinning plates and diabolos. We also specalize in contact juggling and hat manipulation to offering some of the best props available. If you want to learn how to juggle or learn about performing arts, we have a large collection of Instructional Juggling DVD and books

A exciting new trends in juggling is LED glow equipment, we have a wide selection, Glow balls, LED clubs, LED rings, LED poi and LED balls. We offer programed lights and the latest products on the market.

Renegade now has a complete line of fire dance and fire performance equipment. Fire poi, fire staff, fire fans, fire jump-ropes, fire hoops and other flwo arts props. Many fire can be made custom to your specifications. We have a complete selection of DVD's and books on fire dancing.

For the circus performer, circus arts teacher, or any juggling instructor Renegade Juggling has a great selection of juggling props, and circus props for teaching juggling and circus arts. We offer bulk pricing for spinning plates, diabolos, one peice clubs, and rings.

All our equipment is waranteed for one year against defects in material and workmanship, and we offer a full line of replacement parts (tape, decorative foil, wicks, rubber tips, etc.) to keep your equipment looking and working like new. When you buy Renegade equipment, you buy the best.

Renegade Juggling is an Upfront Merchant on TheFind. Click for info.

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Featured Products
View: Play SIL-X Implosion 75mm

Play SIL-X Implosion 75mm

The SIL-X Implosion has a transparent shell, in a new size.

View: Spider Slacklines 15m, 18m, 20m, 25m

Spider Slacklines 15m, 18m, 20m, 25m

Slack-line are lots of fun, for all ages, and nice addition to any circus progra...

View: Play SIL-X Hybrid 75mm

Play SIL-X Hybrid 75mm

The SIL-X hybrid is part filled with millet it is a Russian ball.

View: Play MMX3  75mm Filled Stage Ball

Play MMX3 75mm Filled Stage Ball

A cross between beanbag and a stage ball, a new performance size.

View: Play SIL-X 75mm Light

Play SIL-X 75mm Light

A Light 3.0 SIL-X made with a thinner shell, so it is softer and lighter.

View: Trial Unicycle Tires 20" x 2.5" (ON SALE)

Trial Unicycle Tires 20" x 2.5" (ON SALE)

Koxx-One Tryall Sticky Light tire in black or white and the Maxxis Creepy Crawle...