Walking Globes 30 Inch Diameter

Walking Globes
Walking Globes

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Colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and hot pink.

These Walking globes are great for both circus arts instruction and juggling performances. Walking globes are a natural for kids and will help improve balance and coordination skills. They can be used in a variety of ways from enhancing stage shows to getting a performer higher up off the ground to work crowds in street shows more effectively.

Renegade's walking globes are made of one-piece plastic construction, eliminating the color being worn off or chipped away. Our 30 inch walking globe weighs 40 pounds. Make sure you check the doors to your house that the 30 inch globe will fit though them. In most cases this size globe will not fit through a passenger car door and must be trasported with a hatch back, van or truck.

The advantages of the larger sizes are slower action and easier control for globe walking, greater elevation for working crowds, an extra large aesthetics, when working in stadiums or larger venues.

Shipping cost for the 30 inch ball are around $150-250 for most US locations.


Walking Globes (hollow hard plastic ball)

Diameter 24� (61 cm)
weight 25 pounds (11.3 kilo)
Diameter 30� (76 cm)
weight 40 pounds (18.1 kilo)
Diameter 36� (91.5 cm)
weight 50 pounds (18.1 kilo)
Diameter 48� (122 cm)
weight 100 pounds (45.4 kilo)
made from HDPE
made in USA

Safety Information

Walking Globe
Instructions and Precautions
This product is intended for adults, or minors with adult supervision by a
parent or circus arts professional. All persons involved are expected
to be aware of the dangers inherent to the use of this
product. Make sure that all of the users of this product read and
understand the instructions listed below
A walking globe can be dangerous and, if used improperly or without
adequate safety precautions, may result in serious injury. Review the
following safety tips and use them. Treat
walking globes
with the same caution as you would using a unicycle, rola-bola or

1. Spotters

Beginners should always practice with a spotter who is a person to catch
you if you should take a fall. This person helps you mount and
stand on the globe. A spotter also walks along side of you as you
walk on the globe and move across a space.

2. Soft Surfaces

When you start to learn the walking globe is should be done on a
tumbling mat or thick, padded carpet. Do not attempt learning on a
cement, wood, or linoleum floor as these surfaces are too slippery
and hard ( if you fall - OUCH!). Soft grass is recommended only if it is a manicured surface which is both even and flat. All areas must be
free and clear of all objects which could cause the globe to
suddenly stop and precipitate a fall. A soft surface will cause the ball
to roll more slowly. This makes it easier and safer to learn
walking globe skills. You can also add weight to the ball to make
it roll slower. Pour around 10 pounds of sand in the ball�s vent hole
and cover the hole with
tape (it may be difficult to remove the sand or other similar
material later, however).

3. Footwear

One should always have appropriate, nonslip shoes when using a walking
globe. Gym, tennis or basket ball shoes are good. High-
top shoes supplying ankle support are the best. Wrist guards used
in roller skating, offering wrist support, and crash helmets are
highly recommended.

4. Falls

The worst type of spill is falling off the globe backwards by kicking it out
in front of you. It often happens by running up to the ball to
jump onto it and then loosing your balance. Use caution as this
type of mount is dangerous and may result in serious injury. If
falling try to land on your feet and let a spotter assist you if necessary. Falls need not be serious if one follows the precautions
suggested above.

5. Don�t be overconfident

A walking globe may seem like it is a easy prop to master. Beginners may
think they have mastered the walking globe when they really have
not. Be sure not to be overconfident when learning the skills
to master the walking globe. Make safety a priority