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virtuosos of juggling book

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Virtuosos of Juggling by Karl-Heinz Ziethen and Alessandro Serena Filling the void regarding books on the subject of international master jugglers, Virtuosos of Juggling by Karl-Heinz Ziethen and Alessandro Serena (published by Renegade Juggling) is the comprehensive historical account of performance jugglers from the past 4,043 years, featuring jugglers who reached the pinnacle of the art-form and captivated audiences in many of the world's grandest venues.

Books emphasizing jugglers are abysmally absent on today's bookshelves, so Virtuosos of Juggling ideally introduces readers to a new, enticing, exotic subject material. This refreshing book - scholarly in its accuracy, insightful in scope, yet a light and pleasurable read - is not solely meant for jugglers, but is stimulating reading for anyone interested in the performing arts.

Virtuosos of Juggling is also relevant reading for today's jugglers who wish to learn from the long and noble tradition of juggling as entertainment. Virtuosos of Juggling provides readers with a provocative historical framework and perspective concerning the timeless artistry of juggling and its relationship to the audience. The colorful vignettes highlighting each of the masterful jugglers within Virtuosos of Juggling encourage readers to strive for greater levels of competence no matter what the readers' vocation - for this book shares the routines, work ethics, and devotional characteristics of engaging jugglers who practiced and perfected their art through the strength of their wills and the grace of their spirits.


Hard Cover
156 pages
10.25" X 8.25" ( 26cm x 21 cm)
black and white photos
published by Renegade Juggling 2003
printed in China