Todd Strong Devil Stick Book

The Devil Stick Book
The Devil Stick Book

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Strong's book is divided into seven chapters. After offering some good thoughts on learning skills, breathing and practicing, he introduces terminology, then presents his first section gently and slowly. He describes gripping the sticks, trapping and "normal, regular devil sticking." He continues with beginning variations, important factors for proper sticking technique, and more consideration of how to practice.


The next section, more than a third of the book, shows the breadth of possible tricks. Strong explains both simple moves and very advanced ones, including single sticking, crossed arms, dual center sticks and "chopsticks" variations with up to three center sticks.


A brief and valuable chapter on balancing follows, and then another on games and partner possibilities. Strong's ideas for team tricks are based on those from juggling and diabolo moves, and, as he points out, most are seldom seen with devil sticks.