Sundia Trifecta Diabolo

Sundia Trifecta Diabolo
trifecta bearing system
sundia rechargeable led light
trifecta colors
sundia rechargeable led light

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five bearing anodized ratchet


LED Light Attachment

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The Five bearing axle is a diabolo with a axel advanced over the Sundia “Sanbairin” ( triple bearing)

Sanbairin (triple bearing) has a  structure that has a slight gap between the inner bearing and the accelerator ratchet, when the diabolo is tilted even a little, there is resistance made by the ratchet, to move back and forth. This factor causes the rotation to decelerate.

After extensive research to solve this problem, the ball bearings in are made in a  "double-bearing structure” which can be designed without creating a gap. If resistance is generated in some form on the bearing, the second row of bearing compensates for this so no resistance is generated at any angles, this diabolo has the most advanced bearing and ratchet system ever made.

The R]Trifeta also has a similar form to the Evolution Diabolo, to reduce friction when the string touches the inside of the cup.. 

The optional LED kit works great with this diaoblo as there is a transparent window molded into the diabolo at the same height of the LED lights, that produces a fantastic effect. 


Length: (15cm)
Diameter: ( 12.9cm)
Weight: (250 grams)
Colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue
five bearing ratchet 3/4 inch (20mm) bearing gap
Made in Taiwan