Spotlight One-Piece Club

Spotlight One-Piece Juggling Club or Juggling Pin
Spotlight One-Piece Club

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The economically priced one piece Spotlight Club is available un-decorated or fully decorated. Undecorated clubs are $10.00 each or you can get them decorated for $15.00 each.

They are great low price clubs for beginners and are excellent for club swinging. Spotlights are great for traveling since they are low cost, impervious to water damage, and durable. One piece clubs lack the hardwood dowel and wrapped handle of a Renegade club, and so do not juggle as well as a club with an interior dowel that characteristically have a more solid catch. Spotlight clubs are a good option for people who want to try out club juggling and desire a low cost juggling club.


club length 19.5 inches, 49.5 cm
knob diameter 1/5 inces, 4cm
body width 3.0 inches, 7.8 cm
club weight 197 grams, 6.9 oz.
club color white only
one piece construction (no dowel) hollow body