RdL Silicone Clown Noses

clown noses all colors and sizes shown
clown noses all colors and sizes shown

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small (1 1/2 inch)



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Silicone Eccentric Clown Noses come in 10 colors and three sizes (small, medium and large). The noses are made of 100% silicone that are very comfortable to wear, with a white elastic string. These noses are used by Avner the Eccentric in his performances and in all Eccentric Performing Workshops.

Most people order the medium size, if they are a average sized person. Smaller adults or children often get the small size. The large size nose is good for people with larger sized faces.

The nose is made of 100% silicone, which is  EC (European Community) rated for skin contact. It is odorless and very easy to clean. 

Contact ImanLizarazu@hotmail.com for pricing of large orders over 100 noses.