Radfactor Premium Russian ball 80 mm

Radfactor Premium Russian ball 80 mm
Radfactor Premium Russian ball 65mm
Radfactor Premium Russian ball
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Radfactor Premium Russian ball 65mm

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The Radfactor Russian ball is the best ball on the market for jugglers who what a full Russian effect ball. The very light shell  is coupled with a sand filling to give the ball a pronounced Russian effect on the catch. The sand quickly goes to the bottom of the ball on the catch, which causes the Russian effect. The ligher the shell in comparison to the filling the more effect you get.


The shell are soft but not to soft or thin to be effect by altitude or heat changes, some very light shelled balls will get dents in ball when you fly with them. The texture of the ball is very nice, not sticky, but also not slippery, very smooth for multi ball release realse from one hand. The ball is made with a flush plug so the whole ball has a even texture and feel, with no exposed/raised plug. Very high quality made In Japan.


The 80 mm size is made for all levels for jugglesr who are 6 feet tall, or shorter jugglers who are doing 3-4 balls. 


diameter 80 mm
weight 100 grams
made of HDPE
made in Japan by Radfactor