Radfactor Hand Sticks Carbon Silicone

Radfactor Hand Sticks Carbon Silicone

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The ultimate hand sticks made by Radfactor of Japan and designed by Ryo Yaba, this stick surpasses all others without a doubt. The core is wound carbon fiber with a very sticky slicone outer tubing cover. The carbon fiber stick offers very light weight excellent stiffnes, with a slight spingingness. The perfect devil stick or flower stick hand sticks. They are quite expensive but if you are an avid devil stick player they are well worth it.

This is the slim 12mm model in the most popular length, 51cm, with a total weight of only 57 grams.

(1/2 x 20 inches) price is per pair.


weight each 57 grams
length (51cm)
diameter (12mm)
carbon fiber wound tubing 0.44'"
silicone cover
Radfactor made in Japan