QU-AX Luxus 24 inch unicycle black

QU-AX Luxus 24 inch wheel black

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LUXUS 24 INCH BLACK unicycle

A unicycle for beginners and advanced learners, for longer distances, you have it easier with a 24 inch!

  • Flatcrown frame with two-piece dropout, black powder-coated
  • silver alloy rim, 36 holes
  • 24"x1.95" (50-507 ETRTO) tire, black
  • tapersquare axle, C/P, 36 holes
  • 127mm steel cranks, tapersquare
  • slip-safe plastic pedal
  • alloy quick-release
  • 300mm seatpost, diamond-knurled (does not twist)  Ø 25,4mm, steel
  • comfortable, well cushioned and ergonomic saddle, black, changeable yellow bumper, compact, integrated handle
  • comes with a second, 200 mm long seatpost for small learners - no need to cut the seatpost
  • minimum inseam size: 68 cm