Pork Pie Hat

Pork Pie hat
Pork Pie Color Combinations
Pork Pie Color Combinations

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The stylish Pork Pie hat may be used for basic manipulations and as a nice costume hat. This is a good hat if you want to do a few simple hat tricks in your act, but you do not like the look of the easier to manipulate Poll Hat. The Pork Pie hat is made of triple felt, but is much lighter than the Poll Hat, this makes many hat trick much harder/impossible. The hat is almost round, without a front or back.

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Pork Pie
double felt (two layers)
weight 61 cm size 7.5 ounce (215 grams)
hat total height 4.125 (10.3 cm)

weight 59 cm size 6.5 ounce (190 grams)
hat total height 4.125� (10.3 cm)

weight 57 cm size 6.5 ounce (184 grams)
hat total height 4.125� (10.3cm)

100% wool
made in Denmark

weights plus/minus 10% due to natural felt thickness variation