Sil X Implosion 78mm
Sil X Implosion 78mm

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The SIL-X Implosion 75 is the newest size ball from Play Juggling. This size is good for all purpose juggling 3-7 balls. Though people with smaller hands might find the 67 mm mm sized ball more suitable for jugging more than 5 balls.  The balls has a transparent shell, which is softer and more elastic than the standard SIL-X shells. You can see the liquid silicon inside the balls and this is what give the ball color.  The colored versions are also florescent under uv black light.


The ball is 1/3 filled with liquid. It works similar to a Russian Stage Ball. When the ball is caught the balls filling goes to the bottom of the ball and make is easier to catch or to balance. The liquid slides down the sides of the ball slower than the glass beads in a Renegade Russian ball, this can reduce wobble when thrown it the air. For body rolls and stalls the glass beads are better, for juggling and some styles of contact juggling the liquid silicone is preferred.


The SIL-X Implosion
size 3 inch (75mm)
weight 5.3 ounce 130 grams

silicon non-toxic (used in the food industry as a lubricant)
shell PVC
made in Italy by Play