Play Px3 Vegas

Px3 Vegas
Px3 Vegas
vegas decoration colors, shown with tube handle
flat bottom knob
flat top cap
(left) flat cap, (right) original curved top
Px3 Vegas

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Play Decoration - Electrostatic Metalized

Handle Type/Color

End Cap & Knob Color

End Cap Shape

Curved Cap is original & Flat Cap is new

Knob Shape

Trim Tape

(may not match knob & cap color)

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The Vegas Px3 is the same as the Sirius Px3 just decorated. The wrapped handle is slimmer and makes it easy to handle three or more clubs in each hand, which is important when you juggle five or more clubs. Club body is in white only. Flex tubes are the more durable handle. White handles are white only.

New! Px3 clubs now come with a knob shape option, you can select the traditional round knob or the new flat bottom knob.

The Vegas Px3 can also be made with the one piece Flex Grip handle. The handle is long and thin, making it a very good club for practicing numbers and club passing . The flex grip clubs are extremely durable and a bit softer than the wrapped handle.

Both types of club juggle very similar and can be configured in any combination of colors. The club is light weight 228 grams, and is best used for indoor juggling. The parts are all made by Play Juggling and assembled by Renegade Juggling.

All Play decoration colors are electrostatic metal color sprayed on the body and is made in Italy. These decoration colors are not  show in the photo of the clubs, only silver is shown.



Px3 Vegas Club Specifications
20 1/2" Standard Length (51.4 cm)
Dowel 5/8" (15.5mm) PVC tubing
Handle wrap taped 0.18� (0.4mm)PVC
Knob and Cap injection molded
Shell (club body) width 3.2" (81.6 mm) blow molded 86.5 grams
Club weight with white wrapped handle 228 grams, tube handle 240 grams
Clubs are hand made in Santa Cruz CA, all parts made in Itlay