Play Perfect Hoop Naked 16mm and 20mm

Play Perfect Hoop Naked
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Play Juggling Perfect hoop was developed in collaboration with some of the best hoopers in the world. Made with HDPE tubing in two different diameters, they are easily collapsible, with an aluminum curved joint connection and stainless steel spring button. 

It comes in 4 colors of tubing. Great for Dancing, fitness, circus performance or just lots of fun. The HDPE tubing, has excellent elastic memory, so it responds well to pulses when hooping. It can even be coiled for transport and will go back to a perfect round shape in a few minutes of hooping.

The 16mm size tubing is recommended for circus style hooping, multi-hooping, drills, isolation tricks and off-body tricks in general. Not recommended for beginners because they are light. This is a very good size for children under 4 feet tall.

The 20mm size is excellent for a dynamic style of hooping, for breaks and puddles. They respond quickly to pulse because the 20mm tubing is less flexible than the 16mm. Recommended for beginners because of its heavier weight.

New hoopers can be intimidated by large hoops, but bigger is easier because the hula hoop, taking longer to spin, allows you to learn how to move your body and control it. After some time, when you feel confident with a hula hoop, it’s good to try a smaller diameter. Most of the time it is easier to learn with a larger hoop. Professional hoopers use hoops of different sizes depending on the tricks they want to do. Every hooper is unique and each one may prefer a size or another depending on their style.

The hoops are sold without any tape decorations on them (naked), the plastic is colored.

The HDPE tube , with an excellent elastic memory, has a great response to the pulses and even if folded on itself for long periods it’s easily re-moldable in a few minutes.

The stainless steel button spring is specifically designed for our hoops. It doesn’t stick out of the tube so you don't feel it at all when you manipulate the hoop. The "mustache" shape of the spring is very important because when you push the button, this moves straight into the hole making it easier to open and lock the joint.

The aluminum curved joint is light and strong and follows perfectly the curve of the PERFECT HOOPS in order to ensure its roundness.




Hoop 16mm
diameter outside 33.5 inch (85 cmcm)
weight ounce ( grams)

Hoop 20mm
diameter outside 33.5 inch (85cm)
weight ounce grams)