Play Pastel Flat Ring 24cm

Play Pastel Flat Ring 24cm

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The 24 cm flat ring has a diameter of 9.5 inches. This ring can be used by small children under 4 foot tall to learn ring juggling, however a better option would be to use the Renegade Hollow 14 inch ring as it is easier on their hands. The main use of this ring is in combination with the 32 cm and 40cm ring. Juggling multi-size rings can make for a very interesting ring juggling routine. In general the larger diameter 32cm and 40cm rings are much better for most ring juggling tricks.


diameter 9.5 inch (24.2cm) ID 7.0 inch (17.8cm)
thickness 0.13" (3.3mm)
weight 65 grams
made in Italy