Play G-Force Bounce Ball 70mm

Play G-Force Bounce Ball 70mm

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The 70mm bounce ball, made by Play Juggling, is a nice large size for 3-5 ball bouncing. The size is good for holding 3 in one hand, if you are over 5 1/2 feet tall. It is a nice size for ball bouncing between 3-5 balls. The ball is compression molded out of silicone and rubber, which is well made with a very small seam between the half’s of the ball.


These bounce balls have a very consistent bounce, they all bounce the same height. The balls come in five colors and having a 90% bounce ratio, and they are much cheaper than a pure silicone ball. The g-force ball is great to get started to learning bounce juggling patterns. The balls clean up great with soap/water. Some colors of g-force juggling balls may have a slight milky film (mold release) this will wear off very quickly when used.


diameter 2.75 in. (70 mm)
weight 6.7 ounce (190 grams, except white: 205 grams)
made of compressed rubber
molded in Italy