Play Flat Ring 32cm

Play Flat Rings 32cm

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The 32cm (12.75 inches diameter) Play Flat Ring is a solid plastic ring (not hollow) and is the best size for solo numbers juggling, five or more rings. The thin width (1/8th inch) reduces the chance of edge collisions at the top of the juggling pattern and allows you to hold up to 4 rings in one hand. The weight, thickness and stiffness makes them best suited for numbers juggling.

The Play Flat ring is very similar to the Mr Babashe ring, it has slightly more flex, but still stiff enough to be a good numbers juggling ring and is less exspensive and can be purchased in bulk for a lower pricing.

The flat ring is not the best choice for teaching beginning juggling or passing, for those uses, Renegade hollow rings are a superior choice.


diameter 12.75� (32.5cm) ID 10.0� (25.4cm)
thickness 0.15" (3.8mm)
weight 3.6 ounce (103.5 grams)
made in Switzerland