Play Hydra Fire Flowerstick

Play Hydra Fire Flowerstick
fiberglass with cast silicone cover
Fuel Applicator bottle ( not for storage)

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Hand Stick Type

Fuel Applicator Bottle ( not for fuel storage)


250 ml (8.5 oz)


1000 ml (33 oz)




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Flowerstick with silicone flowers and 25mm 100% PURO KEVLAR® wick. Great weight, perfect balance and fantastic grip.



Play Fire Flowerstick specifications
length 29.5
weight 285 grams)
kevlar wick ends 1 inch x 1.5 inch
made in Hungary

weight each 2.4 ounce (68 grams)
length 20" (51cm)
diameter 0.55" (14mm)
beach dowel 0.44'" (11mm)
silicone tubing cover 0.4" (2mm) wall thickness