Play Fire Chain Poi Round Knob

Play Fire Chain Poi Round Knob
re-wick play poi heads

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Poi Head Size

pair medium wick head (2 7/8 inch)


pair large wick head ( 4 inch)




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The new Play Juggling Fire Poi Chain set features a new easy to re-wick head system. This is a very nice low cost start-up set for beginners who want to lear fire poi swinging. The wicks are made from Puro 100% Kevlar, with a bearing swivel, and stainless steel change. It is a very nice simple construction. 


Kevlar wicked fire poi
grips nylon tube webbing
split rings stainless steel
2 7/8 inch poi 175 grams each (total length 29 inches)
4 inch poi 224 grams each (total length 31 inches)
burn time 2-4minutes

Safety Information

Fire Chains Information & Safety

The customer is expected to inspect fire chains before each use for
signs of wear or failure and not to use damaged equipment.
This product is intended for adult jugglers who are aware of
the dangers inherent to the use of this product.
1. Always use the safety cord provided when using fire chains to
prevent loss of control in the case of an accidental release.
Put the loop of the safety cord around the wrist first and slide
the locking slider with the other hand to make a snug fit.
Never swing chain by the safety cord-use the finger loops instead.
2. Inspect equipment before each use and do not use if wear or
damage is detected. Replacement parts are available from
3. Never use fire chains indoors, near buildings or in any area
where a fire could start and get out of control. Use common sense
and give yourself enough room to preform without
endangering bystanders.
4. Never light fire chains until proficient at swinging. Gauge your
success by never coming in contact or close proximity with
the unlit wick while swinging, never entangling the chains
together and never having accidental releases.
5. Do not alter the fire
chains or substitute your own parts for the
parts provided. 6. Wear appropriate tight fitting, nonflammable clothing. Do not
wear synthetic clothes such as polyester or nylon. Tie back
and cover long hair.
7. Shake off excess fuel before lighting. Failure to do so will result
in drops of burning fuel being released and travelling through
the air for several feet creating a fire hazard.
8. Keep fuel in a closed, unbreakable fuel container at all times
away from unsuspecting bystanders. Use only low tempature
fuel such as lamp oil. Do not use white gas, gasoline or other
highly flammable petroleum products. Limit fueling to an
amount such that none is released from the wick when swinging.
9. Inspect any clothing or other flammable material if hit by a
burning fire chain wick. Ignited fuel can easily transfer especially
when freshly fueled and start clothing and other materials on
fire. Fire swingers or bystanders may not know that they are
on fire if hit with a burning wick.
10. Handle the fire chain from the finger loops or wrist strap
11. Be aware that fire chains can entangle themselves, or wrap
around the body and other objects in the path of a chain in
motion. This will entangle the object with the burning wick and
chain. Be prepared to respond defensively if this happens.
12. Extinguish using a damp towel when finished being careful to
not get burned by hot metal on the equipment. Keep hot
equipment away from unsuspecting bystanders. Do not put hot
metal in contact with the finger loops or wrist straps.
13. Always have a fire extinguisher and damp towels to use to
smother out a fire with an experienced operator ready to use these
safety items to extinguish a fire.