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View: Juggling Balls

Juggling Balls

> Vinyl and Ultrafabric PU beanbags in many sizes
> MMX filled stage balls, soft like a beanbag, with a waterproof shell
> Russian balls, partially filled stage balls for toss juggling and contact juggling
> Sil-x balls, in four sizes
> Stage ball, hollow PVC ball in thirteen sizes
> Leather balls, in four through fourteen panel designs
> Fire balls and LED balls

Px3 juggling club

juggling clubs

> Renegade juggling clubs, 75mm, 85mm, 105 mm, Fathead, Black and Whites
> Play juggling clubs, Px4 Sirius, Px4 Quantum, Px3 Sirius, Prima
> Renegadedesinglab (RdL) clubs, Cuphead, Fathead, Holy club
> LED juggling clubs
> K8 RGB remote control glow clubs

Clear Acrylic Sizes

contact juggling and isolation

> Clear Acrylic balls in eight sizes
> Colored Acrylic balls in ten colors
> Sil-x balls, partially filled with liquid silicone
> Fire contact balls
> LED contact balls, hollow and filled
> Stage balls for contact
> 8 Rings, for isolation contact
> Russian balls for isolation contact
> Isolation hoops and sticks

View: glow props LED

glow props LED

> LED jugging clubs, remote controlled or soild-state
> LED juggling ring in 10 colors
> LED poi, podpoi and glow poi
> LED contact balls, in four styles and 10 colors
> LED staff, s-staff and C4 staff
> LED diabolo lights for Sundia and Tiabolo

View: fire wick

fire wick

> Kevlar flat wick
> Kevlar rope wick
> Kevlar twisted cord
> Kevlar yarn
> Kevlar thread and fire diabolo string
> Kevlar poi head assembles
> Kevlar adhesive backed flat wick
> Kevlar fire hoop wick heads

View: fire props

fire props

> Fire poi, and meteors with five wick head choices
> Fire staff, Gora and Renegade
> Fire swinging torches, Renegade
> Fire juggling clubs, Renegade
> Fire rings, for toss juggling or fire Frisbee
> Fire Balls in three sizes
> Fire jump ropes, single or double dutch
> Fire fans, made in five different styles > Fire hoop and hoop wick heads

View: Circus Props, walking globes, stilts, rola bola, clown noses, whips

Circus Props, walking globes, stilts, rola bola, clown noses, whips

>Walking globes in 24, 30 and 48 inch diameter sizes
> Slack Lines
> Rola bola, stacked rola bola boards
> Stilts, children and adult sizes
> Rolling Stage hoop, vintage rolling hoops
> Skywiters, with twenty five foot ribbon
> Rolling Hoops, a vintage stage prop recreated
> Silicone Clown Noses

View: dance poles and aerial arts

dance poles and aerial arts

> dance poles
> light weight portable podium poles
> pressure pole and removable studio poles
> powder coated paint or rubber coated poles
> flying poles
> high quality made in Italy
> aerial hoop
> aerial slik
> aerial rope

View: Juggling Rings, Flat, Hollow, 8 Rings

Juggling Rings, Flat, Hollow, 8 Rings

> Renegade hollow juggling ringe, passing, solo and stage sizes
> Flat rings by Renegade, Play Juggling, Babashe
> Renegadesignlab (RdL) 8 rings, leg spinning rings and specialty rings.
> LED, glow rings
> Isolation rings (RdL)
> Color change rings
> Body rolling rings

View: diabolos


>Tiabolo diabolos, glary, lightweight, Super V2
> Sundia diabolos, with fixed or triple bearings
> Comet teaching diabolo by Play Juggling
> Fire diabolos
> Diabolo hand sticks, carbon fiber, metal, wood and fiberglass
> Babache Halequin and Finesse
> LED light kits for diabolo
> Henrys Circus and Vision diabolo
> Diabolo string, Deos, Henrys and Renegade

View: juggling hats

juggling hats

> Mexican Flying hats
> Top hats both in double and single felt
> Cholita (RdL) manipulation hats, cylinder, poll, derby, porkpie

View: mouth sticks, shaker cups, spinning plates/balls, cigar boxes

mouth sticks, shaker cups, spinning plates/balls, cigar boxes

> Spinning plates, are made of soft plastic and come with hand sticks
> Mouth Sticks, are made for both ball balancing and plate spinning
> Plastic shaker cup by Babache
> Cigar boxes, blanks to make your own boxes for stacking or box juggling

View: Juggling Torches

Juggling Torches

> Renegade Juggling torches for solo or passing
> Renegade Swinging torches
> Replacement wicks

View: hoops


> Perfect hoop by Play Juggling, HDPE hoops
> Body hoops for exercising
> Fire hoops and fire hoop wick heads
> Hoop instructional videos
> Hand fire hoop by Blaze
> Removable fire hoop wick heads

View: poi, meteors and contact poi

poi, meteors and contact poi

> Contact poi in both 80mm and 100mm sizes
> Fire poi both chains and cable
> Poi wick heads, cathedral and monkey fists
> Meteors, fire and practice
> Poi swivels, grips and other parts
> Flag pio, with detachable tails
> LED glow poi

View: Instructional props scarves, rings, balls, clubs, plates, diabolos

Instructional props scarves, rings, balls, clubs, plates, diabolos

> Bulk pricing for teaching props
> One-Piece instructional juggling clubs
> Comet teaching diabolo
> Instructional vinyl bean bags
> Juggling scarves
> Flat rings by Play Juggling
> Low cost flower sticks

View: flower sticks and devil sticks

flower sticks and devil sticks

> Flower sticks by Luna and Play Juggling
> Devil stick with holographic decorations
> Silicon hand sticks with fiberglass core
> Fire devil sticks
> DVD flower stick instructions

View: Kendamas


>Sunrise Kendamas
>competition certified
>high quality beach wood
>chip resistant paint
>develop great hand eye coordination

View: QU-AX unicycles and parts

QU-AX unicycles and parts

> QU-AX Unicycle designed in Germany
> LUXUS 20 inch beginner unicycle
> PROFI high quality unicycles
> QX-Q MUNI 24, 27.5, 29, 36 inch wheel

View: Tuban Soap Bubbles and Wands

Tuban Soap Bubbles and Wands

> Tuban Soap Solution
>Tuban Wands

juggling video

DVD festivals

> Selection of Festival and Convention Videos
> All filmed and Produced by Alan Plotkin

View: DVD Instructional

DVD Instructional

> Instructional DVD for Diabolos
> A complete selection of fire manipulation DVD
> Flow arts DVD
> Ball, club and hat juggling DVD

View: DVD performers

DVD performers

> Water on Mars, Synthetic, and The Third
> Anthony Gatto To be the Best III
> Rare perfromer DVDs
> History video on the Flying Karamazov Brothers
> Gatto, a historical overview

Diabolo Books


> Juggling book
> Short juggling instructional pamphlets
> Virtuosos of Juggling, and history of juggling performance

View: flair bartending

flair bartending

> Flair Bartending DVDS
> Bar Magic, twenty-five easy to learn tricks
> Flair practice bottles and shaker tins