Note Ratchet Bearing Diabolo

Note Ratchet Bearing Diabolo
 note taibolo
 note taibolo

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The Note diabolo is a new product by Taibolo. It shares the same axle, hubs and plastic as the Glary Super Diabolo but with note pattern. The diabolo was designed with a one way spinning bearing. The bearing works like a rachet it only spins in one direction. The hubs have a unique cocncave curved design that leads to reduced string wear.

The cups come in 6 different tranparent colors, and the hub comes in white or black.

This diabolo is similar to the sundia shining triple bearing diabolo, but has slightly softer plastic and a different shaped hub wall. The center is the same as a sundia shining axle.


Length: 5 .7 " (145mm)
Diameter: 5.1" ( 130cm)
Weight: 8.6 oz. (245 grams)
Colors: red/pimk, orange, yellow, green, blue, clear and purple
Center 5/8 inch (16mm) gap
Made in Taiwan