Lotus and Tulip Fans

Lotus and Tulip Fans
close up of wick heads
Fuel Applicator bottle ( not for storage)

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tulip (pair)


lotus (pair)


Fuel Applicator Bottle ( not for fuel storage)


250 ml (8.5 oz)


1000 ml (33 oz)




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These fans have a small width/height (14" x 21") and are a light weight 384 grams . They are good for fire dancers who are smaller, so the fans are proportional to their body size. The fans are well made and have a nice placement of rings for fan spinning. 

The two fans are the same basic construction, just with a different decorations pattern.


Lotus Fan
height 14 inch (33cm)
width 21(51cm)
384 grams)
kevlar wick size 2 X 1 inch
made in USA

Safety Information

Use lamp oil or white gas. Lamp oil burns at a much lower temperature.
Always shake out excess fuel before you light up.
Have adequate safety personnel and procedures in place before lighting.