LED Poi Head

LED Poi Heads
LED Poi Heads

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All poi heads can be bought without the chain or finger grips. The price is per head, you must order two heads for a pair.

There are 4 kinds of LED poi heads, 70mm ball, 100mm ball, funky, and atom poi heads.The 70 mm balls are filled with pellets. The 100mm ball is made from the same soft white shell as the 70mm ball but is not filled with pellets, it is hollow. Both of these are the types of ball are the most popular type of poi head.

The funky poi is a rubber covering that goes over a slightly larger plastic ball, it is not as bright as the 70mm or 100 mm ball, but has an interesting look and feel.

The atom poi is a smaller ball that works best with a white LED light. It is preferred if you want a smaller heavier head that you can spin faster.

All the poi head can come in a large variety solid colors, three-color strobe, multi-color fade, 7-color blink, or pogrammable lights. The rapidly oscillating three-color strobe makes great multicolor trails of blue, red and green spun. The multi-color fade slowly cycles through several colors and hues over a 20 second period. The 7-color light blink through each color about 1 second for each color. The programmable light has 28 different options including solid color, changing colors and strobe. All of the poi heads come with a swivel.


glow poi head 100mm
�diameter 3.94" (100mm)
�weight 5.6 ounce (159 grams)

glow poi head 70mm
�diameter 2.7 inch (68.5mm)
�weight 2.9 ounce (85 grams)

atom poi head 70mm
�diameter 2.7 inch (68.5mm)
�weight 2.9 ounce (85 grams)

each pair includes swivel and batteries
made in Canada