Kendama Sunrise Street

Kendama Sunrise Street
Kendama Sunrise Street (orange)

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Kendama Ball Color



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The SunRise Street Kendama is perfectly weighted and specially designed to be extra durable which makes it ideal for regular play.The paint is extremely dent/chip resistant and has a nice glossy finish that gives it a great look. 


The Street Kemdama has a harder finish than the Classic Competition. The Street kendama needs a couple of weeks for the paint finish to break in while the Classic's paint is a bit softer, and is ready for competition right out of the box, how ever this coating is not as wear resistant as the Street model. 


The Classic Competition is really good for lighthouse, luna, flips and speed tricks.


The finishing clear coat on both models is acrylic lacquer that is hand dipping not sprayed. Both of these models of Kendamas are high quality, made in Europe, not China.


SunRise Street Kendama is competition certified and accredited by the BKA (British Kendama Association) and the EKA (European Kendama Association)