Hand Sticks Fiberglass/Silicone

Hand Sticks Fiberglass/Silicone
molded silicone hand sticks with a fiberglass core

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These hand sticks have a fiberglass core, and a silicone cast core. The grip on these sticks is great and they are constructed with an interior metal cap on the end of the fiberglass core so the stick does not wear through the silicone coating. The sticks also have a slight taper at the end of the stick for a better handling grip. These sticks are by far the best ones made.

The are good for flower sticks, devil sticks or fire devil sticks.


weight each 79 grams
length 17.3/4" (45cm)
diameter 0.55" (14mm)
fiber glass dowel 0.44'"
cast silicone cover
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