Hand lamp

Hand Lamp
Hand Lamp

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This hand lamp burns for up to 30 minutes (flame 3 X 1 inches) and is an excellent prop for belly dancing, fire dancing, contortionist or acrobatics acts. The lamp is made from CNC machined aluminum. The hand lamp can be held in your bare hands, however, the lamp is good for a about five minutes of dancing before it gets too hot. The longer burn time, 30 minutes is if you use it for lighting other fire objects for the duration of a fire show, it will get too hot to hold. Our latest model has heat fins to help keep it cool longer.


Hand Lamp
Aluminum CNC machined
height 2.65 inches (67mm)
diameter 1.35 inches (35mm)
weight 2.3 ounce (68 grams)
burn time 3-4 minutes
made in USA

Safety Information

Renegade fire Tools
Hand Lamp

Only use lamp oil (paraffin) in your hand lamp.

Do not use white gas, gasoline, camp stove fuel, petrol, or other
petroleum products in your hand lamp.

Do not use a hand lamp while wearing polyester scarves or other highly
flammable clothing. Make sure that the lamps flames never come
in contact with clothing or costumes. Always have spotter/
assistant carefully watching your performance and they must have fire
extinguisher (CO2) and/or fire blanket, on hand in case of a fire.
Costume fires can start out of the performers sight and can
cause serious injury or death.

For a maximum burn time, fill the lamp base half full with lamp oil, place
on the lid with the wick attached and let soak for one minute. Then
open the lamp and re-fill the bowel to about half full, and screw on
the lid.

Only use the supplied wick, the replacement wick has a taped end that
should be used to help insert the wick into the lamp cap. The wick
needs to be very tight in the cap to prevent fuel from dripping out
from the sides of the wick, while doing dance moves. Always blow
out the lamp before all the fuel is totally burned out to improve the
wicks life span.

After you have used your hand lamp, remove excess fuel from the lamp
base. Some lamp oil may still drip from the wick. It is always
important to store your hand lamp in the provided metal container.

If you want to balance your hand lamp on your body while doing
acrobatics or other dance move, a Velcro adhesive chip is provided. Attach
the adhesive hook side on the bottom of the lamp, and sew the pile
side onto your clothing or costume.